Deeply saturated green with exceptional brilliance

Medium green hue with good saturation

More saturated & vibrant green color

Lush & intense green with excellent saturation

Velvety, timeless & profound green color


No visible inclusions, even under magnification

Minor Inclusions

Few Inclusions

Minimal Inclusions

Virtually Flawless


(IF) Internally Flawless

(I-SI) Included - Slightly Included

(SI-VVS) Slightly Included -Very Very Slightly Included

(VVS) Very Very Slightly Included

(VVS-IF) Very Very Slightly Included - Internally Flawless

Quality Grade:

AAAA (Masterfully cut & finished, with the highest level of precision)

A (Crafted with care, with acceptable color, clarity & brilliance)

AA (Carefully crafted to bring out the best in color, clarity & brilliance)

AAA (Superior craftsmanship, with meticulous attention to detail)

AAAA (Utmost precision & artistry, reflecting an exceptional finish)

Percentile Rankings:

Top 1% overall, for quality, rarity & desirability

Top 25% for Color

Top 15% for Clarity

Top 5% for Brilliance

Top 1% Overall

Quality Comparable to:

Most coveted & unmatched Emeralds

Mid-range Emeralds

High-end Emeralds

Top-tier Emeralds

Rare & exceptional Emeralds


Unmatched green color meets extraordinary brilliance & exceptional clarity

Pleasing green tone with minor imperfections that might be visible upon close inspection

Inclusions are less noticeable & may include small internal characteristics that don’t affect the stone's durability

Minimal inclusions with tiny internal flaws that are only visible under close examination

Nearly flawless, with very few, if any, visible inclusions