Deep, intense green with exceptional clarity

Pale to medium green

Medium to medium-dark green with good saturation

Rich, vibrant green with excellent saturation

Rare & profound velvety green hue


No visible inclusions, even under magnification

Minor Inclusions

Few Inclusions

Minimal Inclusions

Virtually Flawless


(IF) Internally Flawless

(I-SI) Included - Slightly Included

(SI-VVS) Slightly Included -Very Very Slightly Included

(VVS) Very Very Slightly Included

(VVS-IF) Very Very Slightly Included - Internally Flawless

Quality Grade:

AAAA (Masterfully cut & finished, with the highest level of precision)

A (Crafted with care, with acceptable color, clarity & brilliance)

AA (Carefully crafted to bring out the best in color, clarity & brilliance)

AAA (Superior craftsmanship, with meticulous attention to detail)

AAAA (Utmost precision & artistry, reflecting an exceptional finish)

Percentile Rankings:

Top 1% overall, for quality, rarity & desirability

Top 25% for Color

Top 15% for Clarity

Top 5% for Brilliance

Top 1% Overall

Quality Comparable to:

Most coveted & unmatched Peridot

Mid-range Peridot

High-end Peridot

Top-tier Peridot

Rare & exceptional Peridot


Epitome of color excellence, purity, clarity & richness of color

While not as saturated as higher grades, they still offer a delightful green hue

Inclusions are minimal & do not distract from the overall beauty of the stone

Inclusions are rare &, if present, are minimal and do not detract from the overall brilliance

Features a deep, intense green color with exceptional clarity